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The purpose of this brief communique is to clarify to all stakeholders what the OLA’s raison
d’etre and objectives are. It highlights the rationale for OLA’s continued military engagement
with the dictatorial clique currently residing in Menelik’s palace. By now we believe that the
international community is aware of the plight faced by the Oromo people throughout history. For many it is puzzling why the Oromo people, numerous in number and residing in some of the most resource-rich part of Africa, succumbed to oppression of successive minority regimes. Many possible factors may explain this anomaly. In the OLA’s understanding, the following factors contributed to our people’s predicament:

Regrettably the last 150 years have been years of lost opportunities for the Oromo and the
peoples of Ethiopia. Billions of dollars of borrowed and donated financial/material resources
and technical assistance from friendly developed countries could not significantly change the
image of Ethiopia as a poster child of famine and destitution. Even today millions of people
survive on food handouts from friendly countries. Due to the coercive and discriminatory
political system perpetuated by the ruling class, generations of Oromos adopted an extremely risk-averse attitude and captive mentality, which shackled the innovative spirit and positive outlook, which is a fundamental ingredient for development.

During the last one and a half century, the Oromo people strived to gain its freedom and institute a just economic and political system that is beneficial not only for itself but also for all the peoples of Ethiopia many of whom have suffered similar historical experiences. These efforts did score some positive developments but fundamental changes could not be realized mainly because of the dominance of the ideology of the urban-enclaves in the military and security system of the country and the entrenched nature of the enclave socioeconomic system, which provides political and diplomatic advantages to Abyssinian rulers.

The OLA believes that fundamental and durable change is only possible when the people’s peaceful struggle is supported by efforts to change the prevailing military power imbalances. To realize meaningful and tangible socioeconomic development, the Oromo people need to operate under a safe and peaceful environment. Unfortunately, the Oromos are once again pushed to take-up arms and embark on a just war against this tyrannical, unjust system in order to restore their dignity and create a peaceful environment for credible socioeconomic development. While the OLA believes that this war is morally justifiable, it also strictly adheres to the moral conduct within war and observes the ethics of modern warfare in contrast to unbelievably brutal conduct of the national army, regional police, federal police, and special forces owned and deployed by the current ruling regime. Specifically, the OLA:

OLF-OLA High Command
October 1st, 2020

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