Regarding the Abiy Regime’s Latest Campaign in Oromia 

(OLF-OLA High Command Press Release)

Since March 22nd, 2022, the Abiy regime has launched two consecutive military campaigns in Oromia to suppress the Oromo people’s struggle for freedom spearheaded by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). The first of these campaigns concluded on June 10th, 2022, with the neutralization of several hundred of the regime’s regular forces and the complete dismantlement of the regime’s district militia structure in western, southern, and central Oromia. On June 14th, 2022, the OLA launched a two-day special operation in Gambella, Gimbi and, Dambidollo to disrupt the regime’s efforts to lay the groundwork for the regime’s impending second campaign. In response, the oppressive regime, facing increased pressure from both the international community and its own cadres to pursue alternatives to military measures, callously orchestrated two heinous massacres of civilians in western Oromia, intending to frame the OLA and close the door to the possibility of negotiations. Following these massacres, the regime launched its second campaign on June 23rd, 2022, using mainly the Ethiopian National Defense Force and fighters from Amhara regional state. Employing both its ground forces and airpower in the form of drone strikes and helicopter gunships, the regime attempted to dislodge our forces and capture OLA-administered areas. However, as has been the case before, the regime’s forces could not exact any noteworthy blow against the OLA. From June 23rd to August 12th, the regime’s forces lost at least 1005 fighters, with several hundred more defecting, deserting, or facing serious injuries.

The regime has also intensified its crackdown on the civilian population, with mass arrests, extrajudicial killings, and destruction of property in Oromia reaching unprecedented levels. In the period between June 23rd and August 12th, the regime illegally detained over 5,000 civilians without a warrant. At least 290 of those detained were extrajudicially killed by security forces, while many of the rest have faced severe torture- some to the point of permanent disability. Detaining civilians for ransom has become a commercial enterprise for the regime’s security officials. Security forces often demand between 50,000 and 100,000 ETB from the families of those detained, threatening to kill their detained relatives if they do not pay. The regime’s brutal forces have also engaged in the burning of homes and grain stores, as well as the slaughter of cattle, sheep, and other livestock belonging to civilians in areas where they have suffered military defeats. This has further aggravated the precarious humanitarian situation in Oromia—particularly in Guji, where a drought has already metamorphosed into a famine that has claimed lives. Furthermore, regime officials in western and southern Oromia are engaging in the practice of withholding humanitarian aid from communities they believe have sympathies for the OLA. This has significantly worsened the situation of IDPs in East Walaga and the victims of famine in Guji.

The regime’s recent unsubstantiated claims regarding “military victories” against the OLA exposed its desperation and refusal to contend with reality. The disinterest of the international community on issues pertaining to the Oromo people and the lack of any independent media coverage of the War on Oromia has given the regime a free hand to use its state media resources to promote its propaganda. As it hurtles towards complete disaster, the regime continues to distort reality in an effort to regain the confidence of its cadres and deceive the international community. The Abiy regime is the primary source of instability and suffering in the country, and the simple fact remains that its removal is inevitable and necessary for there to be a possibility of peace and dialogue. The people of Oromia and their neighbors have made it beyond clear that they will no longer tolerate dictatorship in any shape or form. The international community must end its policy of appeasement that has permitted Abiy’s brutal regime to inflict pain and suffering at levels unseen in this country’s recent history. They must understand that any attempt to solve this country’s predicament that does not include guaranteeing the Oromo people’s right to self-determination and right to genuine political representation will not be a lasting solution. Half-baked measures such as the reshuffling of the elite as we saw in 2018, or dialogue with no mechanism to hold participants accountable will only exacerbate an already tense situation. In fact, the regime-backed national dialogue platform is part and parcel of fuelling the civil war by deceiving international partners into injecting foreign currency into the regime’s coffers.

Victory to the Oromo and All Oppressed Peoples!
OLF-OLA High Command
August 21st, 2022

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  1. The colonization of Oromia by Abiy Ahmad and the Scenes of Carnage: Using Neo-Master Plan and Famine as Tools of Genocidal War
    One might distinguish theoretically between varieties of forms of global expansions, domination, displacement and decimations. Colonization of one group by another involves militarism, wars, ethnic cleansing, settler societies, direct territorial appropriation or occupation of another geographical entity, combined with forthright exploitation of its resources and labour, as well as systematic interference in the capacity of the appropriated culture to organize its dispensation of power.

    Colonialism thus refers to political, cultural and economic subordination of an area or a country by a geographically removed parent country. In a narrow definition of the term, colonization involves the consolidation of imperial power, and is mainly characterized by settlement of minority conquerors in a newly occupied territory, the exploitation of resources and an attempt to govern indigenous inhabitants of the occupied land through militarism, importation of replacive culture, identity elimination and the destruction of indigenous peoples. Ethiopianist hegemonic rule of 150 years must be analysed from this perspective.

    As I have argued time and again, Abyssinian ‘empire-builders’ are characteristically colonizers who main concerns are to displace, impoverish and starve Oromo citizens through the imperialistic policy of ‘Divide and Conquer‘ and “Land Grabbing” or what is known as genocidal ‘MASTER PLAN’ of today.

    Abiy Ahmad’s neo-colonial policy of EXPANSION and VANDALISM political style is therefore, to subdue the Oromo people through ‘Economic War of Colonization’ and then destabilize them. This being his “Colonial Mission,” the terrorist dictator and his Mafia regime (PP) have not merely continued to displace the Oromo farmers around the Oroma’s capital city – Finfinne, but also determined to destroy the Oromo nation by using FAMINE as instrument of PEACEFUL GENOCIDE. By peaceful genocide, I am referring to ‘Indirect Killings’ through SARVATION mechanism than using ‘Physical Violence’ which involves ‘direct war.’ Currently, millions of Oromo citizens are starved to death because of both natural and man-made disasters. The terrorist regime of Abiy Ahmad (PP) has not only closed its eyes to gross human sufferings, but also unwilling to facilitate the situation for aids supply. This kind of unseen beastly treatment of humanity has never happened in the modern world.

  2. The Colonial Character of Minority Power in Ethiopia and the Making of Holocaust in Oromia: The Emerging of Colonial-Made Extremists and the Consequences
    Ethiopian colonial empire and its tyrant leaders are in Africa, but removed from that continent in their creation and history. The occupation of East Africa by the European colonizers in the 1880s brought about historical, political and power shift in the region. It was during that colonial era in the region that the previously non-existing Abyssinian power came into existence. Immediately after the invasion and conquest, the European colonizers focused on disempowering the Oromo nation and empowering the Nafxanya settler groups. In so doing, with the direct military and material support, they brought the Abyssinian feudal overlord, Menelik Haile-Melekot, to power. From this historical period onwards, the largest and independent Cushitic people, the Oromo, lost power and their country (Oromia) colonized after bloody wars of several years.

    The living history shows that Ethiopia is a ‘Colonial Empire’ that had been made (created) by the direct help of ‘WESTERN powers in the 1880s. Likewise, from 1880s to the present, Abyssinian tyrant leaders have been ‘hand-picked’ and brought to power by the WEST. The long-running genocidal wars and the decimation of millions of ‘Oromo citizens are the outcome of advancing the ‘anachronistic colonial policy’ of “Divide and Conquer.” The ongoing ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in the Oromia region is part of this imperialistic political programme of neo-Menelikians. Xenophobia, hate crimes and the fascistic characteristics we witness in the Ethiopian empire are emanated from the ‘colonial background’ and identity deficit of those expansionists who pursue the “Supremacist” ideology of HITLER type. The deafening Old Song of “Ethiopian Sovereignty,” the crime of lying, fabricating imaginary fears, instigating violence, provoking racial conflicts, playing dirty games with delusions and genocidal wars, are all mechanisms to create confusion and conceal their colonial background.

    From the very creation of Ethiopian empire in the 1880s to the present, every regime change in the country is followed by ’racial dogma,’ ‘genocidal violence,’ ‘state terrorism’ ‘institutional racism’ and mass murder simply because the intervention of outsiders often complicates and worsens political situations in the region than settling disputes. The worst political scenarios of 1880, 1974, 1991 and 2018 can be cited as the case in point. The major objective of Nafxanya ‘criminal regimes’ has always been to wipe-out the Oromo nation, particularly the Patriotic Forces (Heroic Figures) who are threats to their colonial system (Rule of Kibre Nagast). To that end, they organize and train all ‘Criminal Forces’ and camouflaging Oromiffa speaking infiltrators that can help them to intimidate, terrorize, destabilize, displace, impoverish and execute the Oromo citizens. The main target of the terrorist dictator, Abiy Ahmad, is to accomplish the “Colonial Mission” of Abyssinian ‘Criminal Syndicates’ (racist groups). The unfair tricks the foreign powers continued to play with the terrorist dictator, Abiy Ahmad, is the continuation of the political dramas of decades and in fact, this is extremely dangerous.
    After Nafxanya hegemonic control of the 1880s, the WESTERN powers empowered the minority settlers (Nafxanyas) led by the ‘Feudal Warlord’ called Menelik. Ensuing this, the “HANDS and BREASTS” of more than 12,500 Oromo nationals were amputated. In general, about 5 million Oromo citizens massacred. After Ethiopian Revolution of 1974 and the removal of the dictator King, Haile-Sellasie, from power, Russia stepped in as allied power in favour of the extremist Colonel, Mengistu Haile-Mariam. The intervention of Russia not only diverted and darkened the ‘positive development’ and ‘great hopes’ of the period, but also led to more internal divisions, tensions, confusions, illusions, conflicts, political treasons, confrontations and the death of millions of Oromo citizens. In much similar to feudal colonialism, the Communist Russia brought the oppressive minority (Nafxanya) to power. As the result, the transition to democracy was hijacked by the ‘Military Junta’ (Derg) and tens of millions of progressive forces, particularly Oromo intellectuals and military elites who led the Revolution to successful end were hunted down and brutally executed by the fascist minority regime of Colonel Mengistu Haile-Mariam.

    The complexity of post-Derg politics of 1991 was not different from the pernicious delusion of post-1974. The United States Government which brought Meles Zenawi to power, reversed the generous pledges it made to help democratize the fractured Ethiopian empire. This happened because of favouring the Semitic minority (Tigre) by undermining the fundamental questions raised by the Oromo people. The irony is that the loud voice of democratization was turned out to be genocidal wars in which the “image of Holocaust” pervaded the colonial empire.
    The post-TPLF/EPRDF political trickery has continued in the same fashion. The Qeerroo led ‘Non-Violent Revolution’ of 2014-2016, forced Haile-Mariam Desalegn to step down in dignity. Following this political change, the Neo-Menelikian, Abiy Ahmad, emerged out of nowhere and seized power in 2018 with the help of the United States Government. After six months of HONEYMOON, the TPLF trained treacherous figure (Abiy) returned to THE OLD BOX of RACISM and FASCISM of his predecessors. Today, the BILXIGINA CRIMINAL SYNDICATE (PP) led by Abiy Ahmad, has declared all-out GENOCIDAL WAR (ZAMACHA MINILIK) on the Oromo nation. As the result, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians displaced, impoverished and brutally massacred; their houses burned, their domestic animals and crops destroyed. This is how Nafxanya COLONIALISM and FASCISM operate in Oromia in general, and in the WOLLO REGION in particular. The genocidal war declared against the WOLLO Oromo by Abiy Ahmad demands serious attention. We cannot close our eyes and ears when our citizens in WOLLO are ‘wiped-out’ because of their ethnic origin (because of being Oromo).

    The strategy of playing games with the agenda of negotiations and the politics of imposing sanctions have not yet produced the desired effects. This means it is most likely that negotiation tactics can create a bleak political atmosphere in which people are defeated by a sense of false hope. This is how the politics of supporting the “Losing Cause” functions in Ethiopian colonial empire. The drama of empowering self-seeker criminals in the country may unfold itself in an unseen ramifications and disastrous consequences. In this dark era of neo-colonialism, the Oromo nation has no other choice than ‘HEADING for INDEPENDENCE’ and this can happen only under the leadership of its Liberation Force – THE OROMO LIBERATION ARMY (OLA).

  3. Oromiyaan Karaa Qaxxamura Irra Jirti: Oromoon Diina Waloo Irratti Xiyyeeffatee, Qabsoo Abbaa Biyyummaa Injifannoon Xumuruu Qaba
    Duulli Impaayera Itoophiyaatii fi sirna faashistumma jiraachisuu dhaaf Oromiyaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiru, garmalee hammaachaa dhufee jira. Ummanni Oromoo yommiyyuu caalaa dammaqee “qophaa’uu” qaba. Abiy Ahmad, maqaa “Bilxiginnaa” (PP) jedhuun, Maafiyaa (Mafia) “saamiinsaa fi duguuggaa sanyii” irratti hundaa’e ijaaree, WEERARTOOTA Minilikii ofjala hiriirsee aangomsee, Oromoo ’Lolaa fi Beelan’ fixee, “harka kennachiisuudhaaf” murteessee jira. Yeroo ammaa kana, gareen “Maafiyaa” (Mafia) kan “maqaa Oromoo haguuggatee” Oromiyaa dhuunfates, umrii faashistummaa ilmaan Minilikii dheeressuudhaaf jecha, WEERARTOOTA tumsa waammatee, ummata keenyaa ajjeesuu fi qabeenya isaa mancaasuu hojii isaa kan duraa godhatee ittifufeera.

    Jaarraa 21ffa keessatti, faashistummaa ’Naazii’ (Nazi Fascism) kan akkanaa biyya kamuu keessatti mudhatee hin beeku. Duulli diinni ”keessaa fi alaa” yeroo ammaa Oromoo balleessuuf gaggeessaa jiru kun, isaa dhumaatiif akka fashalaa’u (dhaabbatu) godhuu baannaan, ABIY AHMADII fi HUMNI MAAFIYAA kan isaan hoogganamu, Oromiyaan ”biyya alseerummaa” (Lawless Country) kan ’lolaan diiggamtu, akka godhan beekkamaadha. Abbaa irree kan ta’e, ”Si’ad Barreen,” akka amma Abiy Ahmad godhaa jiru kanatti, MAFIYAA fi SAAMTOTA ijaareeti, SOMALIA ’biyya alseerummaa’ godhee diige. Ilmaan Oromoo haala amma Oromiyaa keessatti deemaa jiru kana gadi fageenyaan hubatanii nageenya biyya isaani tiksu qaban. Hardha, DIINNI OROMOO FAKKAATU kan WEERARTOOTAAF meeshaa ta’e, waan Oromiyaa keessatti ijaarameef, ummanni Oromoo KARAA QAXXAAMURAA irratti argama. Karaa biraatiin, jireenyi saba keenyaa gaafii guddaa keessaa galeera jechuu dha. Hunda dura, diinni keessaa kun buqqa’uu qaba.
    Akkuma sila jedhe, yeroo kamuu caalaa, diintonni Oromoo kan ”keessaa fi alaa,” maqaa kijibaa kan ”SHANEE” jedhu sababeeffatanii, SIRNA Nafxanyummaa ittifuifsiisuudhaaf jecha, duula ”Harmaa fi Harma Muraa Aanole” deebisaniiru. Ummata Oromoo saamuun, hiyyoomsuun, duguuggaa sanyiitiin jilbiiffachiisuun, Oromiyaa diiguun, kaayoo fi xiyyeeffannaa Abiy Ahmad kan duraati. Ummanni Oromoo, keessattuu, Qeerroon, hayyoonni, rogeeyyiin, artistoonninii fi arraatonni (miidiyaaleen), qabsoo abbaa biyyumaa kan WBOn finiinsaa jiru kana bira dhaabbachuu dhaan, humna diina cabsuu irratti duula olaanaa godhuun, filannoo osoo hin ta’in, dirqama lammummaati.

    SEENAA QABSOO BILISUMMAA OROMOO KEESSATTI, YEROON AKKAANAA KAN ABDII NAMATTI HORU, OROMIYAA KEESSATTI MULDHATEE HIN BEEKU. Carraa kanaa fi karaa WBOn ’aarsaa kafalee’ saaqe kanatti fayyadamuu dhaan, qabsoo ABBAA BIYYUMMAA xumura ittigodhuun amma.

    Kanaafuu, yeroo murteessaa ta’e kana keessatti, ofeeggannoo cimaa godhuu qofa osoo hin ta’in, dhimma belbeltuu ta’e kana irratti xiyyeeffatanii diina kamuu hatattamatti Oromiyaa keessaa qulqulleessuun oolee buluu hin qabu. Ilmaan Oromoo kan SIRNA faashistummaa “PP” jalatti ukkaamamtanii jireenyi isinitti hammaate, yeroon KAATANII MIRGA ABBAA BIYYUMMAATIIF FALMATTAN gayeera. SOSSOBACHUUN DIINA AKKA HIN FIROOMSINE ilmaan Oromootiif galuu qaba. Kana ta’uu baannaan, gatiin kafalamu ulfaataadha.

    • Impaayera Itoophiyaa kan ilmaan Oromootiif “MANA HIDHAATII fi MANA DU’AA ta’e ijaaruun dhumateera
    • Impaayerii ‘HUMNA QAWWEETTIIN’ ijaarame, HUMNA QAWWEETIIN diiggama.
    • BILISUMMAAN ALATTI kan ummata Oromoo baasu tokkos hin jiru.
    • SIRNA akkamii akka ijaaratu kan MURTEESSU ummata Oromoo qofa.

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