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(OLF-OLA Press Release)

The state-sponsored ethnic cleansing by Abiy Ahmed and extremist Amhara forces on the Oromo people has continued in full swing. Benishangul Gumuz region is particularly becoming a staging ground for state terrorist forces comprising the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), Amhara Special Forces, and organized Amhara bandits called Fanno. These forces have long turned this region into a burial ground for innocent Oromos, Tigrayans, and the people native to the Benishangul Gumuz region. We have repeatedly reported that Amhara Special Forces and Fanno militia have massacred civilians and looted the properties of their victims in the region. This state terrorism has continued unabated.

On Tuesday, 22 March 2022, Amhara forces extrajudicially executed Amsalu Amante, an Oromo Qeerroo, and looted property in Dibate Woreda of Benishangul Gumuz. In another clear attempt to ethnically cleanse Oromos from Benishangul Gumuz, they also burned down about 50 houses to the ground. Only a few bodies have been identified so far from the ashes. These genocidal forces operate in coordination with the state officials by organizing themselves and attacking in groups of around 200-400 soldiers.

It is to be recalled that, on Tuesday, 15 March 2022, Birhane Ragasa, a pregnant Oromo woman and mother of seven, was brutally beheaded in another round of Stone Age savagery which is becoming a signature accompanying atrocities being committed by Amhara forces. And, only two days later, in the morning hours of 17 March 2022, Amhara forces operating in the Benishangul Gumuz region had also debussed and abducted eighteen Oromo students in Dibate Woreda of Benishangul at a place known to locals as Bishan Adi. The fate of these twelve students (Kolte Fayyisa, Tarekegn Argata, Dabala Siyoum, Ragasa Bagonjo, Jabesa Teshome, Gexe Kabada, Ayantu Gamachu, Haile Bese, Imebet Garoma, Kefyalew Wakjira, Jalane Gamachu, Fayisa Mekonnen) and six other unidentified persons remains unknown.

It is also to be recalled that Abiy Ahmed’s security forces and the associated Amhara vigilante group had killed scores of natives in Benishangul and burned ethnic Tigrayans alive in the Benishangul Gumuz region before they turned to yet another tortured version of their barbarism.

We continue to call upon the international community to designate the actions of Amhara security forces and associated vigilante groups as well as Abiy Ahmed’s security forces as acts of state terrorism. The international community, mindful of its responsibility to protect civilians from mass atrocity crimes, ought to do its part to constrain the regime’s capacity to unleash terror on innocent civilians. At the very least, OLF-OLA expects the regime’s international partners to disable the regime’s financial capacity to carry out these terrorist acts on our citizens. We call on the regime’s international partners and the wider international community to impose sanctions that can effectively limits its military capabilities and the financial wherwithals thereof. Accordingly, the regime’s partners ought to suspend their support for security forces. In the same vein, they ought to suspend the sale or transfer of weapons to Abiy Ahmed and his associates including the Eritrean regime.

We reiterate to our people that such a brutal affront on the humanity and dignity of our people will not remain unanswered. The OLF-OLA will continue to do everything in its power to hold the perpetrators accountable and to see justice done.

Victory to the Oromo and all oppressed peoples!
OLF-OLA High Command
March 28th, 2022

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3 thoughts on “State-Sanctioned Ethnic Cleansing of Oromos Has Continued in Benishangul Gumuz”
  1. The Consequence of Celebrating Vicious-Circle Politics: Ethiopian Dictators Are Foreign-Made Colonial Agents
    Every regime change in Ethiopia is followed by genocidal violence simply because the intervention of outsiders often complicates and worsens the political situations than settling disputes. This was what happened after 1974, 1991 and 2018. The way foreign powers manipulate Abiy Ahmad is the continuation of the unfair political dramas of decades.
    After the Ethiopian Revolution of 1974 and the removal of Haile- Sellasie, Russia stepped in as allied power in favour of the extremist Colonel, Mengistu Haile-Mariam. The intervention of Russia not only diverted and darkened the ‘positive development’ and ‘great hopes’ of the period, but also led to more internal divisions, confusions, illusions, conflicts, political treasons and the death of millions of citizens. In much similar to feudal colonialism, the Communist Russia brought the oppressive minority to power. As the result, the transition to democracy was hijacked by the ‘Military Junta’ (Derg) and tens of millions of progressive forces, particularly Oromo nationals who led the Revolution to successful end, were hunted down and brutally executed by the self-styled Colonel, Mengistu Haile-Mariam.

    The complexity of post-Derg politics of 1991 was not different from the pernicious delusion of post-1974. The United States Government which brought Meles Zenawi to power, reversed the generous pledges it made to help democratize the fractured Ethiopian empire. This happened because of favouring the rule of minority by undermining the fundamental questions raised by the Oromo. The irony is that the loud voice of democratization was turned out to be genocidal wars in which the image of Holocaust pervaded the country.
    The post-TPLF/EPRDF political trickery has continued in the same fashion. The Qeerroo led ‘Non-Violent Revolution’ of 2014-2016, forced Haile-Mariam Desalegn to step down in dignity. Following this political change, Abiy Ahmad emerged out of nowhere and seized power in 2018 with the help of the United States Government. After six months, the TPLF trained treacherous terrorist – Abiy Ahmad, returned to the old box of fascism of his predecessors. The strategy of playing unfair games with the agenda of ‘negotiations’ and ‘the politics of imposing sanctions’ on the criminal regime of Bilxigina (PP) have not yet produced the desired effects. This means it is most likely that negotiation tactics can create a bleak political atmosphere in which people are defeated by a sense of invisible hope. This is how the politics of supporting the “LOSING CAUSE” operates in a country where self-seeker criminals are hand-picked and brought to power by foreign powers.

    We have seen the way the Western Governments unanimously responded to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his colonial mission. The prompt action taken by the West against the invader dictator with regard to imposing massive sanctions is a great warning to other paranoid aggressors (autocrats). Conversely, the Western powers almost refrain from taking concrete actions against the two savage dictators – ‘Abiy Ahmad’ and ‘Isaias Afeworki,’ who are now rocking East Africa and shedding rivers of blood of millions of people, particularly the Oromo, Tigreans and Benishangul. The African Union (AU), which functions as the ‘Club of African Leaders,’ has also kept silent as usual, just to respect the colonial principle of “Authoritarian Sovereignty and Non-Intervention.”

    If the ongoing ‘genocidal violence’ and ‘racial war’ (Zamacha Menelik) sponsored by Abiy Ahmad continued to destroy the colonized region (Oromia), then the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and its people will respond decisively to end the colonial invasion of the terrorist regime (PP). In this sense, Oromia will not be part of the “Prison House” empire of Menelikians.

  2. Biyya Qabsoon Karaa Nagayaa Guutumatti Cufametti, Karaa Nagayaa Qofatu Furmaata Ta’a Jedhanii Yaaduun, Ummata Burjaajessuudha: Osoo Lola Minilikiitiin (Zamacha Minilik) Ummanni Oromoo Dhumaa Jiru, Qabsoon Hidhannoo Hin Barbaachisu Jedhanii Haasa’uun, Diinatti Harka Kennachuudha
    Addunyaa keessatti, sabni ‘harqoota cunqursaa’ jala jiruu fi weerartuun humnaan biyya namaa dhuunfattee duguuggaa sanyiitiin nama balleessitu, yoomiyyuu taanaan, nagayaan waliin jiraatanii hin beekan. Rakkoon Oromoo fi Nafxanyaa gidduu jiru kana. ”Aaadaa,” ”afaan,” ”duudhaa,” ”safuu,” ”amantaa,” ”ilaalcha,” ”siyaasaa” fi ”seenaa” Oromootii fi kan WEERARTOOTA Minilikii yoomillee taanan walfudhachiisuun hin danda’amu. Warri Oromoodha ofiin jedhanii kana hubatuu dadhaban, yookaan didan, ammaan booda ofumaa ofballeessan. BARRI ALBEE LAMAAN NYAATAA OROMOO FICCISIISAN DHUMATEERA.

    Waan Oromoon bara dhufee darbu mara, biyya isaa bilisoomsee nagayaan ijaarachuu dhiisee, Impaayera weerartoota Minilikii jalatti hidhamaa, waldiigaa, walgurgurataa, walajjeesaa, walhiyyoomsaa ittifufeef:
    1. Sabni guddaan kun, gareewwan bicuu “Itoophiyummaa Minilikummaa” leellisaniin bujaajaa’ee, diina ofirratti mootomsee, harqoota garbummaa jalatti kufeera.
    2. Lammiiwwan keenya qaqqaaliin kumaatama torbaa olitti (more than 7 million) shallagaman, duguuggaa sanyiitiin dhumaniiru.
    3. Mirgi Oromoo sarbameera. Ummanni Oromoo tuffatamee, “Mangaa” jedhameera.
    4. Oromiyaan diiggamtee baduu qabdi jedhamee ifatti lallabameera.
    5. Jireenyi Oromoo waakkatameera (Oromo existence denied).
    6. Seenaan Oromoo waakkatameera.
    7. Eenyummaanii fi Ormummaan waakkatamaniiru.
    8. Sabboonummaan Oromoo balaaleffatmeera.
    9. Dhaaba diinaa kan maqaa Oromootiin daldalu (OPDO) ofjala hiriirsanii, “aadaa,” “afaan,” “duudhaa” fi “eenyummaa” Oromoo (Oromummaa) balleessuudhaaf duulli qindaa’e kan ABIY AHMADIIN hoogganamu, yoomiyyuu daran (caalaa) cimee ittifufeera.
    10. Oromoon biyya hin qabu jedhamee ifatti labsameera.
    *Kanaafuu, Oromoon gareewwaan “Itoophiyummaa “weerartootaa” jiraachisuudhaaf dhama’an waliin raafamuu dhiisee, WBO isaa waliin hiriiree, BIYYA BILISOOMTE IJAARATUU QABA.
    *Ammaan booda, Oromiyaan akkamitti akka bultu kan murteessuu WBO WDIINA KUFFISEE KUFAA JIRUU fi UMMATA OROMOO QOFA. Dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo irra dhaabbatanii ‘tokkummaa Impaayera Itoophiyaa’ lallabuun yaaka dhiifama hin qabne.

    Waldandeenyeeti waliin jiraanna jedhamee, ”Sirni Gadaa Dimokiraatawaan” akka diiggamu godhamee, ”Sirna Abbaa Irree” kan ”Kibra Nagast” jalatti buluudhaaf jecha, ilmaan Oromoo ”KUMAATAMA TORBAA” ol (more than 7 million) akka dhuman godhameera. Akkuma sila jedhe, ”aadaan, ”siyaasaanii” fi ”fedhiin” ”weerartootaatii” fi kan ”Oromoo” kan walsimatanii ‘waljiraachisan’ osoo hin ta’in, kan ‘walballeessaniidha.’ Gabaabbinatti, “Tokkummaa Itoophiyaa” jedhanii, “Impaayera Itoophiyaa” kan ”gita bittaa garbummaa” irratti ijaarame keessa waliin jiraachuun hin danda’amu.


  3. Yakki Daldala Siyaasaa Dhiifama Hin Qabu: Ayyaan-Laallattoonni Lola Duguuggaa Sanyii (Zamacha Minilik) Duuba Taa’anii, Abiy Waliin Shira Xaxan, Gatii Ulfaataa Kafalan
    Akkuma Woyyaaneen maqaa “OLF” jedhu kan kijibaatiin OPDO ofjala hiriirsitee, gootota Oromoo fixaa turte san, hardhas Bilxiginnaan Abiy Ahmad hoogganu, maqaa “SHANEE” jedhuun “Ayyaan-Laallattoota” qarshiidhaan bittee, gootota Oromoo irratti babbaafteerti. Diina ifatti beekkamu caalaa, kan Oromoo jireenya dhoowwaa jiran, warra fuula lama muldhisaanii (double-faced) albee lamaan nyaatuu barataniidha. Yeroo ammaa kana, gantoonni eenyummaan isaanii hin beekkamne, kan saba kana keessaa bayan, akkuma baratame Oromoo “koomee diinaa jala galchuudhaaf” harka lafa jalaatiin shira xaxuu ittifufaniiru. Yammuu ”qabsoon abbaa biyyummaa finiinee,” WBOn diina kuffisee kufaa jiru kanatti, falmii ”Weerartoota” irratti godhamu kana fashaleessuudhaaf jecha, humna Nafxanyaa kan Abiy Ahmadiin hoogganu waliin hiriiraniiru. Osoo ”LOLLI MINILIK” (Zamacha Minilik) Oromoo irratti labsamee, ilmaan saba akka bineensaatti adamfamanii ajjeefamaa jiran, akka waan Mootummaan Oromoo biyya bulchaa jiruu fakkeessanii, Abiy Ahmad waliin “shira xaxuun,” namummaa dhabuudha. Akkuma ammaan dura irra deddeebi’ee dubbadhetti, ”Gantuun” biyya yaadduuf hin qabdu, eenyummaa hin qabdu, duudhaa fi safuu hin beektu. Rakkoon walxaxaan Oromiyaa keessatti muldhatu kana irraa kan madde.
    Kanaafuu, ‘basaastotaa’ fi daldaltoota qabsoo abbaa biyyummaa jalatti dhokatanii, bara dufee darbu mara ilmaan Oromoo ficcisiisuu aadaa godhatan, ofkeessaa buqqisuun yommiyyuu caalaa ”dhimma belbeltuu” ta’ee argameera. Yeroo ammaa kana, Oromoo cabsanii WBO balleessuudhaaf jecha, ”Ayyaan-laallattoota” bituudhaaf ”QARSHIIN” Abiy Ahmad dhangalaasu kan ”biliyoona” (billion) heddutti shallagamu akka ta’e nibeekkama.

    Jaarraa 21ffaa keessatti, ‘daldalli siyaasaa’ kan Oromoo balleessuu irratti hundaa’e, baldhinaan akka gaggeeffamaa jiru quba qabna. “Otuu beeknuu huuba waliin,” jedha Oromoon. Diina waliin wal-irratti hin duullu jenneetti beekaatuma obsinee malee, yakki “Xawalwwaallotaa” fi “Ayyaan-Laallattootaan” ummata Oromoo irratti hojjatamu, kan daangaa darbeedha. Wanti hundinuu yeroo isaa eeggatee ifa baya. Ammaan booda, qabsoon ”daldaltoota siyaasaa” irratti godhamu kan hammaate ta’a. Waggoota 44 darban guutuu, ’Weerartoota’ Abashaa waliin ilmaan saba fixanii ficcisiisanii, ”abbootii qabeenyaa ta’uun” aadaa ’Ayyaan-Laallattootaa’ ta’eera. Kana jechuun, ummanni Oromoo dachee isaa badhaatuu dhuunfatee nagayaa jiraachuuf, hunda dura, ‘diina isa fakkaatee’ Weerartoota waliin jireenya isa dhoowwe irratti duula dhumaa godhuu qaba.

    Warri gantummaa filatanii, qarshiidhaan bitamanii, meeshaa Weerartoota Abashaa ta’uu jireenya godhataniiru. Akka Nafxanyoonni sodaa tokko malee ifatti gadi bayanii Oromoon badu qaba jedhanii lallaban godhaniiru. Maqaa KIJIBAA KAN “SHANEE” JEDHUUN, Oromoo irratti akka duulli diinummaa banamu sababa ta’aniiru. Diraamaan diinummaa kan daldaltootaan saba Oromoo irratti hojjatamuu gadi fageenyaan hubatamuu qaba. Waan ummanni Oromoo yakkamtoota Weerartootaaf tumsan ofkeessaa qulqulleessuu dadhabeef, hardha jaarraa 21ffaa keessatti, ‘saamtonni’ isa keessaa bayan, ilmaan sabaa fixanii diina mootomsaniiru. Farri daldala siyaasaa irratti hundaa’ee ummata keenya jireenya dhoowwaa jiru kun, hatattamatti furmaata waaraa argachuu qaba. BOORA’U MALEE HIN QULQULLAA’U.

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