November 18th, 2021

Hidhabu Abote district, North Shawa – An offensive by regime forces was routed in Dangago resulting in over 53 enemy combatants being killed, over 32 being injured, and 2 being captured. The regime forces retreated to Ejere town. Several weapons including 2 PKs, 2 Dragunov rifles, over 50 AKs, and pistols of various types were captured

Dagam district, North Shawa – OLA forces took action on a regime military camp in Leman Kare Kora resulting in 11 enemy combatants being killed, 7 injured, and 1 being captured. 10 AK rifles were captured.

Kuyu district, North Shawa – OLA forces took action on the Gabra Guracha police station resulting in 17 enemy combatants being killed and 9 being injured. Among the killed were Inspector Abebe Tefera and Inspector Dereje- 2 notorious Oromia Special Forces commanders that are responsible for killing several political prisoners.


November 18th, 2021

Yubdo district, West Walaga – The last regime stronghold in Yubdo district was captured by OLA forces.

Leka Dulecha district, East Walaga – OLA forces drove out the remaining regime military units in Leka Dulecha district.

November 19th, 2021

Gaba Senbeta, East Walaga – An ENDF offensive on OLA positions was routed in Bosoqa after a day of heavy fighting.

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2 thoughts on “OLA Update #15 / 20th November, 2021”
  1. Negotiation with OPDO-PP Ethiopian government Amhara regime, aimed at destroying the Oromo people,Orommumma and Oromia gives no sense. We understand the political pressure from the west and AU, they have their interests in their mind. Secession of Oromia and Tigray will affect other African countries made by colonial powers, one of these countries is Nigeria. How many years should the Oromo people pay prices to keep interests of various entities including the Amharas? This time, we have to say enough is enough. Minimum outcome of any negotiation must be Confederation, our goal is independence. Long live OLA.
    Thank you

  2. The minimum requirement is Confederation, in which Ormia will have a sovereign independent state with own Army.

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