Cadres of the Abiy regime attempted to create conflict over resources between the Oromo and Somali people in the districts of Liban. They held a series of meetings with the local population blaming the Somali people of stealing Oromo resources and land. They attempted to organize a violent campaign against the Somali residents in the area. A joint effort by OLA officers and local elders has succeeded in foiling this attempt through mediation. The historical and cultural bond between the Oromo and Somali people will not be broken by the callous politically-motivated machinations of the Abiy regime.

By olaspox

2 thoughts on “The Abiy Regime’s attempts to instigate clashes between Oromo and Somalis have been foiled”
  1. OLA’s sensible approach to conflict settlement is appreciable. This is what it means intellectual resolution of disputes. What the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has done is historic and exemplary. That is what the “founding fathers of the Gadaa democracy” envisioned. This exemplary model and civilized way of solving regional disputes must continue. From the colonial regime of Menelik of Abyssinia to the present imperialistic regime of PP, the nefarious rulers of Ethiopia engaged in inciting border conflicts and ethnic wars between the two Cushitic peoples – the Oromo and the Somalis, who lived together in peace and harmony for several decades. This happened because the two neighbouring peoples have never had their own democratic governments which work toward permanent peace, stability and the common good of these brotherly/sisterly nations. In historical terms, more than any other ethnic groups in the region, the Oromo and the Somali peoples share common identity, culture and language.

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