OLA Update #11 / 21st September, 2021

Previous Update: OLA Update #10 / 20th September, 2021


September 20th, 2021 

  • Kuyu district, North Shawa – Engagements between the OLA and Abiy regime forces that began on September 20th, in Uyyo Cabare and Akale are still ongoing. At this point, 72 enemy combatants have been killed, over 60 have been injured, and several dozen have been captured. Several items of weaponry including 35 AKM rifles along with ammunition have also been captured.

2 thoughts on “OLA Update #11 / 21st September, 2021

  1. Thank you OLA, doing maximum damage to the enemy camp with a minimum cost is the principle of good military confrontation. Hold up the area liberated, free the rest. Now OPDO-PP has passed the red line, it is changed from enemy to super enemy. The existential threat to the Oromo people is OPDO-PP &Amhara extremists. Please take measures on what they call “qamaa nagenyaa” spy structures in every kebele and top officials, wisely with tangible involvement in the killings of our people. We know they will say civilians are killed, but they can’t be called civilians while ordering the killings and participating in the process.

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