The Oromo Liberation Army (OLF-OLA)  has successfully held a general assembly attended by military commanders, officers, fighters and members. During this assembly, important decisions were reached with full consensus regarding strategy, current events, and the future of the struggle. Furthermore, new appointments and leadership changes were also made. Participants of the OLF-OLA general assembly held in Gimbi town (Western Zone) included representatives from all four Walaga zones, Jimma, Illu Abba Bora, Buno Bedele as well as representatives from the Central Zone- including the Central Zone Commander. Commanders and officers of the Southern Zone participated in the general assembly virtually.

At the conclusion of this assembly, consensus was reached on the following points:

  • OLF-OLA is its own independent organization which will carry forward the original mission of the Oromo Liberation Front as stated in its 1976 political program. 
  • Jaal Marroo (Kumsa Diriba), formerly commander of the OLA in the Western Zone, has been elected Commander-in-Chief of the OLF-OLA. 
  • Jaal Gammachu Abboye, formerly commander of the OLA in the Southern Zone, has been elected Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the OLF-OLA.
  • Jaal Odaa Tarbii will continue in his position as International Spokesperson of the OLF-OLA.

OLF-OLA General Assembly
26th July, 2021

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8 thoughts on “Announcement from the OLF-OLA General Assembly”
  1. “original mission of the Oromo Liberation Front as stated in its 1976 political program.” the most interesting expression I have ever heard from OLF-OLA, OPDO, PP, OFC, ONC, etc…this way we keep our originality as People because I am the only few individuals who are living crying resisting the colonization of the Habasha and JUNTA (junta in its real meaning means ANY group who is in power illegitimately)

    I will repeat, this expression is respect for Oromo people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep it up

  2. We are very happy with the change and decision. As far as a single Oromo exist on the earth there is OLA/OLF. we understand OLA is doing all what is expected from despite the fact there are limitations. There is a gap in sharing the information with the stakeholders(Oromo peoples) and doing some well designed political propagandas. I believe OLA will win but my concern about finishing decors because most of the Oromo struggle result has been hijacked for several times.

  3. Baay’ee nama gammachiisa ittuma fufaa! Uummatas of faana hiriirsaa akkas yoo ta’e injifannoon keenya yeroo dhihootti dhufti!!
    Injifannoon Uummata Oromoo baldhaa fi WBO abdii sabaaf nuuf haa ta’u!!

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